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December 28, 2008

Top 10: Weirdest Dog Names

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Working with dogs I deal with unoriginal dog names on a daily basis. I’ve seen Jack Russel Terriers named Jackie, American Eskimos named Eskie, and Goldens named Goldie. This is in addition to countless Buddys, Baileys, Maxs, and Luckys! Come on people get original!! However some clients go totally the other way and come up with some strange ones!

1.  Couscous ( I know its good to eat… but for a pug??)

2. Vitamin ( hmmm…what kind of vitamin)

3. Bullfrog ( I’ve heard all animal names like Moose, Bear, Tiger…but come on!)

4. Pillow ( maybe the dog is cuddly with its owner… but I wouldn’t be doing any snuggling with this one!)

5.  Moushu ( what does this even mean?)

6.  Bingo ( hello? his brothers name is Ringo. seriously)

7.  Senor Pato ( He only answers to his full name)

8.  Granny Pants ( poor dog)

9. Ying Tsai ( no no… the owners aren’t asian, or the dog… he’s a collie)

10.  Big ( this is a weird name… but also unoriginal, the dog is an Irish Wolfhound,the largest breed in the world)


December 27, 2008

Wow… that’s a new one…

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Having unusual looking dogs we usually get quite a bit of attention when we go out with them. However, we always get the same questions and comments.

We hear these everyday at least once!

1) What kind of dog is that? ( Roxy)… then invariably they present their opinion of what breed THEY think she is!

2) Wow, they look alike, is the big one the other ones mom( sister, cousin etc)?

3) She (Roxy) really looks like a fox ( wolf, coyote)

4) Wow, look at their eyes, do shelties normally have blue eyes?

5) They’re so well groomed, do you brush them? ( no no they’re just natually fluffy) lol

We’ve joked that we need to get t-shirts printed up with the neccessary information!

I complain but I don’t really mind in the end. It gives me the opportunity to tell people that they are both rescues. People are always amazed that these are dogs people didnt want!

Blue-eyed Beauties

December 14, 2008

Grooming Jobs

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Just wanted to give you an idea of what I do all day. Here are a couple of before and afters…

Kashu Before

Kashu Before

And After....

And After....


Beckam's bad hair day

Beckam's bad hair day



Beckam with his game face 🙂


Cloudy Before

Cloudy Before


Cloudy looking Clearer

Cloudy looking Clearer


Abi Before

Abi Before


Abi After!

Abi After!



The icing on the cake, baby Shih tzu 🙂 

 All in a days work….



December 13, 2008

Space Concerns

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It's my bed!

It's my bed!

Seriously Alaska!!!

Seriously Alaska!!!


Ok guys I know we live in a small apartment, but seriously, is is really that bad???

December 9, 2008

All in a Day’s Work

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Mike is ever so patient with the cats, as clearly they run the show around here. Just look what happens when he tries to go to work!

This looks like a comfy place to sleep!

This looks like a comfy place to sleep!

What's better that one cat on your briefcase????

What's better that one cat on your briefcase????

Gotta love cats…..

December 6, 2008

Remembering Zeffie

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Sadly, my childhood dog, Zeffie passed away this weekend at my parents home. She was 13 years old. I was very saddened by the news. Zeffie was my first dog, the dog I first trained and the dog that really sparked my interest in dogs. She was a determined Siberian Husky with a mind of her own, but also a soft side. She showed up on our doorstep when I was about 11 and refused to leave. She seemed to know that this was were she wanted to be. We placed lost dog ads and posters, but to no avail. It looked like she was there to stay. She was my dog until I left for Montreal about 4 years ago. I felt the change from country to city life would be much for her as she was getting older. She lived a happy free life roaming my parents farm, and I didnt want to take that away from her.

I have many happy memories of her life. She was an a dog with a unique personality. She was quite independent, but would occasionally come over for a pet and put her head on you. She was a challenge to train, you couldnt force her to do anything, she had a mind of her own. That is, until I discovered treats! She promptly learned how to speak, play dead and spin in addition to all the normal commands. We used to go on long walks together, and she would always be about 20 feet ahead doing her own thing. The best memory I have is when I tried to train her to carry a pack on hikes. When we came to the first hill she stopped at the bottom and barked, refusing to come up!

Though its hard to let her go, I am happy that she is at peace now.  I know she lived the best life, and died quietly in her bed. You can’t ask for much more.

 I will never forget her.

December 1, 2008

Make a Mutt

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 Taking a break from studying I found this site that allows you to combine dog breeds with amusing results. Yes, sadly this is what I do with my spare time!  Try it out!


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